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OSGI allows to control exactly which packages should be exported by a library. By this means only a few of the libraries included in the Freeplane distribution are accessible by scripts:

Accessible libraries

Inaccessible libraries that are part of the distribution

Accessing the following libraries requires repackaging of Freeplane (the libraries are grouped by their project). If there there should be a common need to add certain packages/libraries, please file a feature request here.


  • SimplyHTML
  • forms
  • gnu-regexp


  • jhall


  • jlatexmath


  • batik-anim
  • batik-awt-util
  • batik-bridge
  • batik-codec
  • batik-css
  • batik-dom
  • batik-ext
  • batik-extension
  • batik-gui-util
  • batik-gvt
  • batik-parser
  • batik-script
  • batik-svg-dom
  • batik-svggen
  • batik-swing
  • batik-transcoder
  • batik-util
  • batik-xml
  • js
  • pdf-transcoder
  • xerces_2_5_0
  • xml-apis-ext
  • xml-apis
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