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Freeplane 1.3.x adds support for geographical locations to be added to a mind map for later recall.

This plugin uses Open Street Map and the JMapViewer component.

Open Maps Overview

The Open Map Plugin and all features may be accessed from the Edit->Node Extensions menu.

  • Add Open Maps Location - Will bring up the map and prompt you to select a location, Once you have chosen your location press Done to complete the choice. Note you can current only select one location per node. An icon will appear on the node signifying a location is present.
  • Remove Open Maps Location - Will remove any stored location from a node. The location present icon will disappear when this is performed.
  • View Open Maps Location- Will display the map again zoomed to the previously stored location

NOTE: You cannot edit a location once it is placed. Using add on a node with a location currently stored will replace the old location with the new.

Map Controls

The JMapView component may be controlled in the following manner:

  • Scroll Wheel - Zoom in and out.
  • Left Click and Drag - Drag the map
  • Double Left Click - Select Location
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